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Next Level Skiing

Jan 4, 2022

Welcome back to the Next Level Skiing podcast, brought to you by Wagner Skis. On today’s episode, I have the pleasure of talking with California badass, Michelle Parker. Michelle is an amazing skier with excellent form. If you have the chance to watch her ski, watch how she shreds with her feet; she is amazing. There are few skiers out there who have the speed and footwork of Michelle. 

Michelle shares some great lessons and messages including the importance of visualization and how to develop your inner warrior. She also emphasizes how important it is to be aware of your surroundings, mapping the mountain, and trusting your intuition.

California native Michelle Parker started skiing in her home resort of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Since then, she’s competed in the US Freeskiing open, X-Games, and the Red Bull Cold Rush. She’s also one of the founders of Skiers Advocating and Fostering Education for Avalanche and Snow Safety (S.A.F.E.A.S.), whose goal is to advocate for snow safety and avalanche awareness. 


[02:00] Michelle’s footwork on the snow

[03:00] How Michelle started skiing

[05:25] Michelle’s first experiences with freeskiing

[07:57] Skills that she transferred from racing to freeskiing

[10:45] Moving to the big mountains

[12:15] Avalanche education

[17:40] What Michelle thinks of when she’s up top and waiting her turn

[18:30] How to tap into your inner warrior 

[23:50] The importance of realizing legitimate fears and being confident in your intuition

[27:50] How to develop a strong intuition

[29:50] Advice that still resonates with Michelle

[31:40] Surrounding yourself with incredible athletes (on the screen and in real life)


Michelle Parker, Instagram

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