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Next Level Skiing

Dec 7, 2021

Welcome back to the Next Level Skiing podcast, brought to you by Wagner Skis. Thinking through the fear with Julian Carr. One of the great things about skiing is that we can apply the lessons we’ve learned on snow and adapt them to our whole life. Today is no exception. Julian talks about how he gets air, how he got started, and what goes into finding the right conditions. As a natural talent, Julian has a unique and positive perspective on both skiing and life.

We’ve all seen the pictures. X-Games GOLD Medalist Julian Carr is known as one of the skiers who gets the biggest air. It’s almost as if he’s out there to prove that flying and skiing aren’t two different things. 

Julian’s lofty exploits have landed him in Warren Miller films. He’s also received “Photo of the Year” from Powder Magazine, the Sickbird Award on the Freeskiing World Tour, and holds two world records in cliff jumps. He’s an ambassador for Protect Our Winters and Climate Reality Project. He’s also a board member for the Lands Conservation Foundation. He founded Discrete Clothing. He also founded the Cirque Series, which is a mountain running series that’s in its fourth season.



[02:00] How Julian got started skiing and getting height

[06:00] Being a natural skier and specific his skill set

[08:10] Baby steps to getting air 

[14:00] What goes into finding the right conditions 

[24:25] Working through the fear

[25:45] Patience and recognizing the gap between desire and ability 

[29:30] How to know when you’re ready

[31:10] Advice that still resonates

[33:20] Summary and conclusion  


Julian Carr

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